Recently I had an opportunity to visit and tour  Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC in Coopersville. I had a wonderful and informative meeting with President/General Manager Steve Cooper.

Fun fact did you know that it takes 6,000 gallons of cream to make 25,000 pounds of butter?

Not only is Continental Dairy an award-winning company, but they are also a provider of butter to another west Michigan local company, Butterball Farms Inc. located in Grand Rapids. Butterball Farms supplies approximately 60% of the butter to McDonald’s here in the US and a significant amount to the Asian market and is a butter provider to several other national brands.
Supporting local can mean many things to many people. Often we don’t understand what that circle of local support means to those on the supply side of the equation. Simple things like going to McDonald’s for breakfast and ordering pancakes are more than just keeping a franchise chain in business. Many of those franchise locations are locally owned, operated, and provide local jobs. That franchise is purchasing from a supplier and the supplier sources products from companies located in someone’s community where they employ and those employees possibly live and likely spend. In Coopersville, that circle of local starts with Continental Dairy and may very well end up in your drive-through order and with that purchase, you have indirectly supported local and that is a very good thing.

Rebecca Wildeboer
Director/Discover Coopersville & Coopersville Chamber of Commerce